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ASMAA launches business directory to boost local economy in Algarve and Alentejo

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Leap into the future with ASMAA
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Friday, 23 June 2017 12:18

ASMAA will be launching their new business directory for the Algarve and Alentejo at the beginning of the holiday season on 1 July 2017 as a tool to help keep money in the local economy.


ASMAA believes that the new business directory will also help increase local trade by putting customers in touch with local suppliers. The new directory has been designed as a resource to help companies and organisations that are looking to procure goods and services locally, and we trust that it will help to develop stronger local business links and encourage local spending between businesses, which will then support and boost the local economy as a direct result."

"The soon to be launched business directory will also be an useful guide showcasing what the Algarve and Alentejo has to offer as a business location, its emergence as regional hubs of innovation, its growing economy, its exciting regeneration plans, its distinctive culture and the region’s superb quality of life. It's a very useful resource for both existing businesses and those thinking about investing in the Algarve or in the Alentejo. The new website will assist tourists, investors and local residents in finding local suppliers, keeping business and jobs local, as well as bringing new businesses and jobs into the regions.” It is also an useful tool for anyone interested in the regions who will then be able to quickly find the appropriate selection of local amenities using their mobiles, laptops or tablets.

Creating a successful directory is a tough task, but ASMAA has had huge success in growing our brand cross-borders as part of our civic activities as an association. This new venture is part of the value proposition that we bring to the business communities in the Algarve and Alentejo that are active in supporting our organisation. But that’s not all that we bring which makes our business directory different.


What makes ASMAA’s Algarve and Alentejo Business Directory Different?

I'm sure you will agree that there are loads of online business directories out there, so why do we say that ours is any different? Because not all business directories are created equal! Here are some of the reasons our directory will be the directory of choice in the years to come:


Unlike the vast majority of online business directories, every single one of our listed business profiles is checked and edited by a human editor. We provide a writing service as well because many business owners are not seasoned copyrighters. We make sure that each and every business listing is well written and presented before going live.



The web is littered with FREE listing directories. As a rule of thumb, many of these free directories are information and data gathering sites, and have not been set-up to really promote any business listed. If you spend a little time on many of them, you will notice that a large number of the listings are completely inaccurate and many are even totally out of date - a nightmare for directory site visitors, who invariably give up after a minute or two. But because all of our listed businesses are paying members, it is in their best interest  to maintain all their details in a high quality format and up-to-date.



Despite being approached by various companies to do banner and sidebar advertising, we do not have any external advertising in any of our sites, and we will not be doing it in this one neither. Our site visitors have a clean interface with zero distractions. No external advertising, scripts, popups or flash designs will be allowed on our directory websites.



One of our objectives is to provide a hub of relevant information for buyers and sellers, for visitors and tourists, for investors and just plain individuals - all supported by a Human Rights & Citizen Driven Advice Bureau and a Small Business Advice Bureau. In fact our organisation is much more than just a body running a business directory. We are a support organisation covering multiple fields and addressing multiple scenarios.



One of our defining insights is the fact that people want to deal with people not with big inpersonal corporations. Our focus is on the micro; small and medium size business sectors located in the Algarve and Alentejo with a specific focus on exporting our tourism driven industries. We want to provide a platform for the mom and pop type businesses; the owner-managed business venture; the artisans and the artists, etc. to promote their businesses and their ventures within a personal interactive format. People buy from people is the moto.


Now, that you've read about our exciting business directory launch, if you have a local business in the Algarve or in the Alentejo, shouldn't your business be listed in our business directory? To find out how you can benefit, we invite you to contact us. If you don't have a business, we still want to invite you to pop into our websites and see how it will make your life so much easier.






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